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Park                                                                                                      Location

Shoreline Park System & Trail                                                              Port Moody Inlet                            
Rocky Point Park                                                                                    2800 block Murray Street                                 
PoMo Rotary SK8 Park                                                                          2800 block Murray Street                           
PoMo Rotary Bike Trials Park                                                               2800 block Murray Street
Inlet Park                                                                                                 3200 block Murray Street
Town Centre                                                                                           300 Ioco Road
Old Orchard Park                                                                                   600 block Bentley Road
Tidal Park                                                                                                 Port Moody Inlet

North Shore Park System

Bert Flinn Park                                                                                       Heritage Mtn Blvd. At David Avenue
Foxwood Park                                                                                        65 Foxwood Drive
Flavelle Park                                                                                           Flavelle Drive
Pleasantside                                                                                          195 Barber Street
Mossom Creek                                                                                       Hiking Undeveloped
Turner Creek                                                                                          Hiking Undeveloped
Hutchinson Creek                                                                                  Hiking Undeveloped
Sentinel Hill                                                                                            Hiking Undeveloped
Ailsa Park                                                                                                400 block Glencoe Drive
Art Wilkinson Park                                                                                 400 block Glencoe Drive
Aspenwood Park                                                                                   Panorama Drive
Brookside                                                                                               3300 block Fraser Street
Chip Kerr Park                                                                                        2900 block Hope Street
Chines Park                                                                                            South side
Easthill Park                                                                                           corner of Prince & Union
Heritage Mountain Park                                                                      125 Ravine Drive
Kyle Park                                                                                               125 Kyle Street
Moody Middle Playing                                                                          James Road
Mountain Meadows Park                                                                     999 Noons Creek Drive
Noons Creek Park                                                                                 between David Avenue and Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
North Shore Community                                                                     1300 block David Avenue
Pioneer Memorial Park                                                                        Ioco Road at Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
Seaforth Park                                                                                        300 block Albert Street
Seaview Park                                                                                         1000 block Cecile Street
Twin Creeks                                                                                           200 block Parkside Drive
Westhill Park                                                                                         200 block Westhill

Other Area Parks

These parks are not managed by Port Moody. Please consult the linked websites for details and further information.

Park                                                                                  Location

Belcarra Regional Park (GVRD)                                       Sasamat Lake
                                                                                           White Pine Beach
GVRD Park                                                                        Belcarra Park and Pier
Buntzen Lake Recreational Area                                    Buntzen Lake, Anmore

Off-Leash Dog Areas

The following two unfenced, natural areas have been designated in the City as 'off leash' areas where dogs are allowed off leash:

  •   South end of Hugh Street (behind the 7-11)
  •   East/West connector right of way – Wide trail leading west from Heritage Mtn Blvd & David Avenue.
  •   North end of Westhill Park
  •   A fenced dog run is also located at Rocky Point Park, adjacent to Slaughterhouse Creek (can be accessed from Murray Street).
  •   All dogs using these areas are to be under the verbal control of their handlers.
  •   All dog handlers are responsible for clean-up of any dog waste created by their dog. Those who do not are subject to the appropriate penalties as detailed in Bylaw No. 1098 and Bylaw No. 1050.

Bicycle Paths

The City of Port Moody has a number of on- and off-road bicycle routes. You can view the GVRD bicycle route maps here. Port Moody's Master Transportation Plan, which includes recommendations for bicycle lanes, routes and paths in the city is also available.