(August 14, 2014 )

We are having one of the warmest summers BC has seen in years. How are you feeling about it? While most of us are basking in the sun and dreading the grey months ahead, remember that you have to stay safe! Enjoy that beautiful sunshine with caution. Here are some tips so that you can make the most of the heat wave:

  1. Stay hydrated – bring a water bottle with you ANYWHERE you go. This will prompt you to drink more.
  2. Keep cool – take showers, run with the kids through the sprinklers, turn on the fan, stay in the shade at the peak of the daily heat.
  3. Dress smart – wear loose, light-weight clothing that is breathable.
  4. Get everyone out of the car – never leave anyone in a parked car, not even with a cracked window open.
  5. Look out for others – check on your elderly neighbours or people who live alone. Make sure they are ok.
  6. Choose the best time - exercise in the early morning or late evening to avoid overheating.